PB KidLit – Jesus of Nazareth



Picture the Bible KidLit brings together biblical literature, children’s literature, and art to foster biblical literacy, encourage students to explore biblical and theological ideas and connect them to their lives and the world.

Lessons include:
John the Baptist
John Baptizes Jesus
Jesus Is Tempted
Jesus Calls Disciples
The Wedding at Cana
Jesus Heals
The Sermon on the Mount
Jesus Teaches in Parables
Jesus Blesses Children
Jesus Is Transfigured
Mary and Martha
The Samaritan Woman
at the Well
Jesus Feeds 5,000 People
Jesus Visits Zacchaeus

This resource contains the core components of a Sunday School class: a lesson, art, conversation, and prayer. The lesson is flexible and readily meets the needs of a range of learners. The lessons do not require extensive preparations from teachers, and can be used in a wide range of congregational contexts.

This resource relies on Picture the Bible art (www.picturethebible.org) and the book
Picture the Bible, published by The Pilgrim Press (www.thepilgrimpress.com).

“Jesus of Nazareth” contains 14 lessons. We are adding more sets to this series each month, eventually bringing you all 52 stories from Picture the Bible in this easy-to-use new resource.

Picture the Bible KidLit is a downloadable resource of 14 lessons. Print each lesson on letter-sized paper and fold in half. Lesson is only needed for the teacher.