Additional Picture the Bible resources

Collage Art Reproductions

Sharing the art is a key component of Picture the Bible. The art helps people explore key aspects of the Bible text.

The full set includes of all 52 collage images. Each image is printed on a sturdy 12″x12″ PVC substrate, which will endure the loving touch of children for many years.

Display the art and refer to it in your conversations. Allow children to arrange and rearrange the stories depending on your thematic conversations.

  • Gather stories that have 40 in them!
  • Gather stories about water or mountains!
  • Gather stories about girls and women!


KidLit: A New Curriculum Series!

KidLit invites learners to explore God’s way and imagine participating in that hope and vision for the world. Each KidLit lesson weaves together a Bible story, timeless children’s literature, and a creative art project to foster meaningful conversations at the intersection of faith and life.

The lessons are:

  • flexible to meet the interests and needs of learners in kindergarten through Grade 6.
  • readily implemented and require little preparation.
  • effective for a wide range of contexts.

All seven KidLit resources together will bring you 52 stories from Picture the Bible in this easy-to-use new resource. The resources can be used in any order.

Little Books

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Each Little Book features seven thematically grouped stories. It is a great resource to send home with families or for children to receive in the mail. A surprise Little Book arriving in the mail is an easy, fun way to stay connected to families while providing them with at-home faith formation resources.

Little Books are provided digitally and print on a single letter-sized sheet on two sides. You just print, fold, staple, and trim the edges to make the little books. The finished little book is 2-3/4″ x 4-1/4″ and has 8 pages, including a little game on the back cover.

New books in this series, with different themes, are added frequently!

Story Coloring Books

Grouped thematically, each coloring page has a story synopsis and a question to ponder. Coloring an image is a terrific way to locate details in the art that enrich the story.

Each coloring book has 12-16 coloring pages drawn from the art. The overall book 8-1/2″ x 11″, and is printed on paper that can be colored with crayons or markers.

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Picture the Bible children’s story Bible is available from Pilgrim Press. This bible storybook includes all 52 pieces of art, with a continuous story flow, verse references, and questions for young people to consider. Ask for the book at your local independent bookseller.
View a trailer for this new book!

Light in the Darkness, a short storybook featuring Picture the Bible art.

Given for You: The Biblical Story of Communion is a book for communion or confirmation preparation, focusing on relevant stories.